Three Things An Insurance Company May Do To Avoid Adequately Compensating You For Your Injury

If you're legally pursuing an insurance company for injury damages after a denied claim, it's important to realize upfront that your insurance company exists to make money. Insurance companies are inevitably concerned with their bottom lines. If they couldn't make money off of providing insurance benefits, they wouldn't be in the business. Understanding this fact should clue you into the extent to which your insurance company will go to avoid paying out for your claim. The following are three of the most common insurance company strategies companies will use to avoid compensating you for your injury:

Downplay the severity and expense of your injuries

Well-established insurance companies will typically have legal staff members available to handle your case. They'll also have money at their disposal to legally fight back against your lawsuit.

Insurance companies are experienced with handling lawsuits from customers who were denied insurance benefits after a claim. They'll have contacts in the medical field who they can pay to testify that your injuries were not as severe as you say or as expensive to treat as you're claiming.

Your own doctor's testimony will be important in backing up your claims. Make sure that you maintain a good relationship with your doctor and inform him or her about any insurance dispute. 

Convince you to settle out of court for a relatively small amount of money

Usually, a personal injury plaintiff isn't very familiar with personal injury law. This means that a plaintiff probably doesn't know how much his or her case is worth. The first thing insurance companies will try to do if they know that you have a valid case is try to get you to settle out of court.

You should never settle before you've spoken with an injury attorney. A legal professional with years of experience in personal injury law will be able to tell you if a settlement offer is simply an attempt by the insurance company to avoid paying out your rightful compensation. 

Use things you've posted on social media accounts against you

If you've recently been injured and denied insurance benefits for medical expenses, be very careful about what you're posting on your social media pages that are accessible to the general public.

If you optimistically try to downplay an injury on your social media pages, the insurance company could take this as proof that you're exaggerating your injuries for money. Have a careful look at any social media comments you've made regarding your injury and remove anything that could be used against you.

For more information, consider contacting a personal injury attorney like James Lee Katz.