The First Things You Should Do After Your Car Crash

You may still be shaken to some degree in the days following your car crash, even if you didn't suffer any serious bodily injuries. You have probably seen your doctor and called up your insurance company, and you might imagine that all you have to do is wait for further information from your insurance company. However, doing the following things after your collision can help you if you're seeking a settlement and protect you in the event of legal trouble.

Get Photographic Evidence

One of the best things you can do to help your own case is to head to the site and snap a few pictures. This is especially the case if road work was being done at the time of the accident, as cones and other obstructions could very well be gone by the time the insurance company or your lawyer's investigator shows up to take their own pictures. 

Take pictures of the scene from every vantage point at the same time of day when your car crash happened. This way, you will be able to better substantiate your claims about what took place. 

Type Up Your Recollection of the Crash

No matter how good you consider your memory, as time passes and you start to do other things, it is only natural that various details might start to fade or disappear from your mind. Typing up a short recollection of everything you can recollect about the crash might preserve details that could be helpful for your claims.

Even if you have already given a statement to the police when they showed up at the scene, it is wise to type up notes about anything else you remember in the days following your accident.

Tell Your Attorney About Your Past and Current Health Issues

You may not want to chat with your attorney about your alcohol problem or the time you broke your leg while skiing, as you don't imagine that to be related to your car crash, but it is vital that you talk to your lawyer about your health history.

The reason for this is that the other driver's insurance company will take many steps to put the blame for the accident and any injuries on you. If they discover your past broken leg, for instance, they may try to claim that your current leg pain is a result of that and not the car accident. Having a discussion about your health with your attorney might not be comfortable, but it is necessary if you want them to be able to mount a strong case.

Even if you do all the things in this article, it is still smart to regularly meet with your car crash lawyer so that you can feel confident that your case is strong. Your attorney (like those at The Jaklitsch Law Group) will be able to offer more advice and suggestions to help you prevail.