Avoiding Long-Term Damage Resulting From A DUI Offense

If you were in an accident that involved alcohol, which resulted in an injury to yourself and your passenger, you're likely facing some serious charges. If it was your first offense, there may be some lifestyle changes that you'll have to implement to prevent the same occurrence from happening again. A DUI is considered a misdemeanor in most states, but if you've hurt yourself or someone else, it can be a felony. No matter how severe the charges are against you, you should consider hiring a reputable attorney. Here are some possible ways that you can avoid severe consequences resulting from your DUI.

Speak With Your Attorney First

Don't speak to a judge or law enforcement until you've consulted with your DUI attorney first. When you first meet with your attorney, the best thing you can do is be open and honest. Explain the circumstances that led up to being arrested and why you made the choices that you made. Expect to hear and answer some hard questions, including:

  • Are you an alcoholic?
  • How many drinks were you consuming before being pulled over?
  • Is this your first DUI offense?
  • Have you ever been in trouble before?
  • Were you the only one who had been drinking prior to getting in the car?

If another party was hurt due to your negligence, choose an accident or personal injury attorney who is well informed about this type of law. Never talk to the injured party's attorney without your lawyer present. Being honest and giving the correct information, will make the entire court process run smoothly.

Attend Alcohol Treatment Programs

Starting alcohol rehab or treatment as soon as possible is beneficial to your long-term sobriety and looks favorable to the courts. Even if you were a one-time only binge drinker, you are admitting responsibility when you take charge of your sobriety on your own. Getting professional help and counseling before a court trial may help the judge avoid giving you a lengthy jail or probation sentence.

Always Be Cooperative

If you do receive probation, one way to avoid a lengthy probation period is to cooperate with your probation officer and the court. Including:

  • Attend all alcohol rehabilitation classes and treatment programs as set forth by the judge
  • Participate in required drug and alcohol testing
  • Don't drive without a valid driver's license
  • Pay victim restitution if applicable

For more information, contact a DUI attorney in your area.