What To Do If You Are Hit By A Police Officer Who Is Involved In A High-Speed Chase

You might have seen high-speed chases between law enforcement officers and motorists on TV, or you might have read about them in the newspaper. Even though they might seem exciting from the outside, it can be terrifying if your car is hit by an officer who is involved in a high-speed chase. If you find yourself in this type of movie-like situation, you might wonder what you should do next. These steps should help you with handling the situation.

Call the Police

You might not think that it is necessary for you to call the police after your vehicle is hit by a law enforcement officer. However, the officer might continue in pursuit of the motorist, and any other police officers who are in the area might be involved in the chase. If you call 911 or your local non-emergency phone number, then you can make sure that the incident is reported and that officers are sent to address your situation.

Document Everything

Just as with any car accident, it's important to document everything. Don't count on the police officer who was involved in the accident with you to provide proper documentation or information. Instead, make sure that you provide any evidence or documentation that you can about what happened when you were involved in the accident.

Work With an Auto Accident Attorney

Auto accident cases that involve being hit by a police officer can be a bit complicated. The police officer might have just been doing his or her job, but in some cases, it is found that officers are negligent and put other motorists in danger because of their actions, even when they are in the middle of a high-speed chase. Additionally, instead of working with the police officer's personal insurance company, you may have to work with your local government's insurance company to handle things like the cost of repairs to your car and the cost of your medical bills. All of these things can get complicated and can be challenging to deal with, but an experienced auto accident attorney should be able to help you with your case.

Being hit by a police officer who is in the middle of a high-speed chase can be frightening, and knowing how to handle the case can be tricky. The steps above should help you out, though, and your attorney should be able to provide you with further guidance about what you should and should not do in this situation.