4 Things That Can Negatively Impact Your Personal Injury Case

When dealing with any personal injury case, tread carefully to avoid messing up your case. Ideally, what you say or do could significantly lower the settlement or make your claim be rejected. For this reason, you should get an experienced personal injury attorney for guidance and representation. Additionally, you should steer away from the following don'ts.

1. Don't Delay Medical Attention

After injuries due to someone else's negligence, your primary focus should be on how to get treatment. Sadly, some people don't seek treatment immediately. However, without knowing the depth of the injuries, you might not receive total compensation for the accident. Therefore, the best thing to do is to see a doctor first so that your personal injury attorney can use the medical report to help you win the case. Besides, the doctor can also testify on your behalf if necessary.

2. Don't Discuss Anything With the Insurer Without Your Lawyer

After a personal injury, you might start receiving calls from the insurance companies asking for a recorded statement. But however sympathetic they sound, you should not give in to their request. Instead, you should ask them to speak to your lawyer regarding your injury case. Insurance companies can check for discrepancies as you discuss the incident and then use it against you during the trial.

3. Don't Post Anything on Social Media

While most people like to keep their lives private on social media, some like to post whenever they get the chance. However, some social media posts can work against you during the hearing. For example, posting a picture of you walking or smiling after the accident might be argued by the insurance company that you were not severely injured.

For this reason, avoid posting anything related to the accident until the case is over. However, if the post is already live, do not delete it since it might negatively impact your case. Instead, let your personal injury attorney know about it to prepare in advance.

4. Don't Tell Anyone of Your Discussions With Your Lawyer

Your lawyer will constantly communicate with you from the start of your case till the end. Among the things you will talk about are strategies that will help you win the case. If such information reaches the other party without your knowledge, you might lower your chances of winning. Therefore, keep all texts, emails, and talks with your lawyer to yourself. Do not tell anyone no matter how close or trustworthy they seem.

Keeping the above don'ts in mind can determine whether you will win the case or not. When you are unsure about something, seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney.