Was Your Athlete Injured Because Of Coach Neglect And Pressure? Call A Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Did an athletic coach continue to play your teen when they expressed that they were injured or hurt, and now your teen needs extensive medical treatment or surgery? If your athlete said that they were in pain and that they couldn't compete, but the coach pressured them to play, or wouldn't pull them out, and now you are facing medical woes, call a lawyer. 

A personal injury lawyer will look at the case and quickly be able to decide if you can pursue legal action, or not. Here are some of the details to give the lawyer, and evidence you may want to get.

Injury Diagnosis

The type of injury your young athlete is suffering from is a big part of the case. You want a physician's statement with the current injury and information regarding if the continued play made the injury worse. If pushing the athlete could have caused a small ligament tear to become a full ligament tear, or a pulled muscle to become a detached muscle, these are incidents where the injury diagnoses will come into play for your case.

Medical Expenses

You not only now have to deal with the medical expenses of an extensive injury, but the long road of healing afterwards. Get a full list of the current up-to-date costs from this injury to the projected costs after all surgeries, therapy and other treatments will be done. You shouldn't have to pay these high medical costs if your teen should have been able to recover in a short amount of time, but the extra play caused further damage.

Eyes Witnesses

If there are any eyewitnesses that will make statements for your case then ask them to do so. Anyone that can collaborate that your athlete was hurt, requesting to come out or stop playing, or that they couldn't compete the same after the injury, should be asked to document what they saw. Videos of the injury or the post-injury play may also be helpful.

It may not be the coach's fault that your athlete got hurt, but if the continued play cost them weeks or months more of healing, more medical expenses and treatment, and this injury has greatly affected your teen's life, you need to get legal help. Not only could you win your case but set the example that this type of abuse from a coach should never happen again.

Reach out to a personal injury law firm like Long Legal for more information.