Did Your Insurance Deny Your Accident Claim? How A No-Fault Insurance Attorney Can Assist You

Getting into an accident is hard enough to deal with, but it's even worse when your insurance company denies the claim, leaving you wondering how you will cover the cost of the damages. You can take legal action if your insurance company recently denied your no-fault claim. These types of claims occur when it's nearly impossible to pinpoint blame on a specific motorist, which can happen in parking lots, at busy intersections, and even on highways.

How a No-Fault Insurance Attorney Helps When Insurance Claims Get Denied

When you initially filed the claim with your auto insurance company, you likely expected them to cover a decent portion of the costs so that you could get your vehicle working again. However, receiving a denial is probably making you wonder why you're even paying for insurance in the first place. Although some companies like to deny no-fault accidents automatically, an attorney will put up a fight for you, with most taking a specific approach to the legal process.

The Legal Approach: What a No-Fault Insurance Attorney Can Do

Filing a claim against the insurance company is the first step to seeking the compensation you should receive because of your accident. Your attorney can do the following:

  1. Collect More Evidence: The more evidence collected, the better your case against the insurance company, which could encourage them to reverse the denial and provide a well-deserved payout. Evidence may include photos of the damage to your vehicle, the damage to the other motorist's vehicle, the specific area or intersection where the accident happened, and any possible footage from surveillance cameras.
  2. Begin Negotiations: Most insurance companies would prefer to avoid going through a legal battle, which is where your attorney can come in handy as they attempt to settle. If they try to settle, offering a specific amount of money for your damages, your attorney will review that offer and decide whether to pursue it. When an attorney believes the claim is worth more, they will use fierce negotiation tactics to get the insurance company to provide a higher payout than initially offered.
  3. Handle All Legal Aspects: Once you have an attorney, you don't need to answer the insurance company and can let them know to contact your attorney with any questions. And if the insurance company doesn't want to negotiate or offer you anything for your damages, your attorney will take it to court, handling all legal aspects for you.

Receiving a denial from your insurance company for a no-fault is frustrating, but legal help is available. Don't settle for no when you may have a legitimate claim on your hands. A no-fault insurance attorney will assist you with your situation to try to get you compensated.